Paper Self-Adhesive Labels – 2000 Pcs


Self-adhesive labels, papers are suitable as marking glass bottles - juices, house wine, craft beer. It will be especially interesting to present yourself as a multi-coloured print on liquids and juices from your own product. We print labels using the digital method, paying attention to the smallest detail. Paper labels are an economical solution. They are suitable for bottles and jars stored in dry, basement rooms. Self-adhesive paper labels less suitable for storage in cold stores and refrigerators due to their sensitivity to moisture.

The brewery and wine industry are very demanding. More and more often sophisticated, colourful labels and colourful images used for orders.

Paper as the material on which the labels are printed yields favours. It is a great carrier for printing, to emphasize the traditional character. Works well in the food industry. It is temperature resistant within the limits of -200C to 80OC.

We know how important details are for our customers, especially when it comes to information such as bar code, product composition, expiration date. You can place them on one label or two separate - one on the front of the product, the other on the back. Labels are printed on correctly chosen self-adhesive paper and careful finishing guarantees high quality. The obtained product is ready for placement on bottles. Thanks to the correct preparation, sticking bottles down is quick and easy.

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