Labels For Jars - 1000 Pcs.


Labels for jars are printed on a white polypropylene foil with a standard glue that ensures durability of stickers and resistance to water. Thanks to it's properties, after application products with vinyl labels can be stored in moist conditions without the risk of getting wet and damaged. They can be used as stickers for jars, labels for jams, honey, stickers for pickles and other vegetable preserves, etc. Self-adhesive labels for jars can be used at a temperature of -40oC to 80oC.

The price includes: 1000 pcs labels with individual print

Labels for jars are stickers in defined sizes printed on white polypropylene film. We offer popular formats 170 mm x 55 mm, 100 mm x 80 mm, 50 mm x 90 mm, 76 mm x 100 mm, 116 mm x 50 mm, 154 mm x 60 mm with individual graphics at promotional prices. Stickers on jars can be applied at a temperature of min. 5oC, but used from -40oC to 80oC. The film on which the labels are printed has a weight of 61 g/m2. The standard glue is an acrylic adhesive with good adhesion to most surfaces. The pp foil makes the jar stickers resistant to mechanical damage and, above all, to moisture. Custom labels from polypropylene foil with standard glue are ideally suited for use on flat surfaces without bends, which we deal with when labeling jars. Adhesive labels for jars are the most popular in the food industry. They are used to label all kinds of preserves, ready meals and sauces or jams and honeys.

Shaperectangular, oval
Dimensions170 x 55 or 100 x 80 or 50 x 90 or 76 x 100 or 116 x 50 or 154 x 60 [mm]
Quantity1000 pcs.
Label materialPP white foil, adhesive standard
Packagecardboard tube
Minimum temperature of the application5oC
Temperature of use-40oC to 80oC

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